A single high impact intervention to rapidly solve complex, multi-stakeholder challenges and build a team of champions.

Why do you need a Transformation Event?

  • To rapidly solve complex, multi-stakeholder strategic challenges and create a community of change champions.
  • From creating a vision, strategy or operating model blueprint, to designing a global transformation programme and plan.

What is a Transformation Event?

  • A Transformation Event is a meticulously planned and structured high impact work session, delivered in a performance environment by a team of business event design and delivery experts.
  • Events can be run on a mobile basis for 25 to 200+ participants and typically last from 1 to 3 days.

How does it work?

  • Using our proven event design and delivery methodology, events are based on the concept of getting the right people together at the right time with the right information, to build solutions in response to a clearly articulated scope and set of objectives.
  • Great ideas are generated, combined with facts and proven leading practices, to deliver high quality, tangible outcomes.

Typical Transformation Event Timeline

Think of us when…

Your organisation needs to…

  • Build an inspiring, shared vision and strategy for the future and a plan to get you there
  • Design an operating model which will allow you to compete better, which your people are committed to
  • Engage people from across your organisation to translate a strategy into action with a clearly defined programme of work
  • Drive important work and is fed up with the cost and approach you get with ‘typical’ consultancies


Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.