Strategy Development and Rollout (Regional/Functional)


The Challenge

In 2017 Manulife, a leading financial services group, embarked on the development of a new technology strategy to enable them to become a tech business that sells insurance, rather than an insurer that uses technology. The new global CIO and executive team decided to host a one-off event, TechConnect, run by BiG to communicate the newly formed strategy and to frame and develop components of it.

Such was the success of TechConnect 2017, we were invited back in 2018 to run an event developing the rollout plan, and in 2019 we brought together technology leaders from across the organisation to deep dive into specific technical 
advances that had been made and plan for rolling these out across all markets.

Also in 2019, BiG were invited to work with the global communications team to deliver a series of international expos highlighting key messages from the organisations’ new IT career framework, which had emerged from the strategy work.


What was achieved

BiG assisted in identifying some of the challenges faced in implementing the framework globally. We then developed a set of graphically enhanced materials in order to address people’s concerns and communicate the information in a way that suited all learning styles. We worked with local teams in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, The Philippines, and Japan on the complex logistics of the expos and delivered a series of these in Spring 2019, engaging 60% of their IT workforce either in person or remotely. There are more expos planned, supported by BiG, to engage the remainder of the team.

“My favourite part
 was the opportunity to hear the vision and direction of technology directly from our leaders and in an environment/event that matched the vision.”
TechExpo Attendee

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