“What we were able to achieve in 2 days was remarkable.”

The Client

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, which is a member of the UCL Partners academic health science centre and also runs services at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and a number of other sites.

The Challenge

The Royal Free Foundation Trust found themselves in a tough situation. They had successfully taken over the Chase Farm Hospital – a much loved but inefficient and loss-making old hospital in need of a re-build. The UK Government had agreed to fund part of the hospital re-build but things just were not adding up…the hospital was not going to be able to pay for itself with the current designs and some new thinking was required, and quickly, we had only 3 months to get the designs and business case signed-off in order that the hospital could be built before the Government purdah period.

Plus, the hospital designs needed clinical input and real clinical engagement to ensure we were designing a hospital that would work for it’s users!

The Solution

We partnered with the UK EY Health team and ran a series of workstreams to quickly pull together the analysis and inputs necessary to form the baseline for our event. In parallel, we designed and ran an accelerated learning event over two days to involve 130 stakeholders (clinical and non-clinical) from across the Trust to re-imagine how they could deliver services and direct the strategy so that the hospital business case could stand up.

We secured the right level of organisational engagement to provide insight and enrich the discussions and outputs achieved from the programme.

At the event we brought all 130 stakeholders up to speed, using accelerated learning techniques to share the current programme design and it’s challenges (including the savings required) and explain the approach, rationale, timeline and key milestones.

We ran sessions to generate and evaluate potential service improvements in clinical and non-clinical service design from an efficiency and effectiveness perspective. We then agreed the major changes required to the hospital design and the business case and agreed the plan to drive the programme to deliver before purdah.

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