High Intensity Growth

The Client

One of the world’s leading insurance groups, operating in 52 countries and employing more than 16,000 staff globally, QBE’s underlying business strategy is to maintain operations in the key global insurance markets. The group’s strategy of diversification by product and geographical exposure is fundamental in managing insurance and reinsurance risks and has been a vital ingredient in their success.
In the Asia Pacific region, QBE identified the need to invest in new e-business functionality in order to leverage maximum growth opportunities –in this case a market leading platform that would provide the best agent and broker experience possible.

The Challenge

The design for the Asian platform, a multi $m programme, had to be informed by current e-business solutions from across the global business. A usability partner would provide up-to-date usability in consultation with staff, agents and brokers around the world.

BiG was challenged to design and facilitate the collaboration between staff, third parties and customers to design the ideal e-business solution. It meant working in terms of a highly diverse stakeholder landscape – one that spanned the cultures, geographies and jurisdictions of our global community.

Not only that, but the design and delivery deadlines gave the BiG team a window of just six weeks in which to deliver robust outcomes.

The Solution

Accelerated Engagement
On the ground in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, BiG designed and managed a series of more than 15 acceleration sessions to rapidly translate this goal into the right solution. Working with the Asian leadership team to ensure sponsorship and alignment, and testing the latest design thinking with each group along the way, these sessions were specifically created to build robust solutions swiftly with the commitment of 100 internal stakeholders and key client representatives across four countries.

BiG set out to ensure that every interaction was maximised, each stakeholder contributed to the solution and they offered a new clarity on achievable requirements given the timeframe.

In developing the approach for QBE, we used our CLEAR Framework to inform the overall design:

Clarify – Up front, programme scope and objectives were refined. Customer requirements and priorities were clarified across the three countries.

Learn – The Asia team explored potential solution options based on learning about QBE’s internal and external capabilities.

Engage – Over 100 internal staff, agents and brokers collaborated across 15 sessions to understand requirements and test potential solution. Leaders from the Asia Pacific region were engaged to gain support and approval for the next phase of work.

Activate – Within six weeks, the Programme Team, and Asia country representatives were actively involved in the programme, drawing on their local team members as needed for specialist insight and expertise.

Refine – Using BiG’s iterative and agile approach, the programme design, requirements and proposed solution was refined in flight.

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