“Thought-provoking, inspirational and energising sessions achieved real alignment and commitment from a diverse stakeholder group.”

The Client

NHS England oversees the budget, planning, delivery and day-to-day operation of the commissioning side of the NHS in England.
Technology Enabled Care Services refers to the use of telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, telcoaching and self-care in providing care for patients with long term conditions that is convenient, accessible and cost-effective.

The Challenge

NHS England sought to execute a series of workshops to help inform the future strategy for the Technology Enabled Care programme (TECS).  This focused on understanding how the existing system could be harnessed to better utilise technology for care services locally, to achieve better results and outcomes for citizens.  NHS England identified the need for positive engagement with a variety of stakeholders in order to develop this strategy.

Not only that, but the design and delivery deadlines gave the BiG team a window of just six weeks in which to deliver robust outcomes.

The Solution

BiG Innovation partnered with the EY UK Health team and provided:

  • Programme and Interventions Scoping & Design: a collaborative exercise to design and finalise workshop formats and associated content to ensure they aligned to the desired outcomes.
  • Feed-in workshop Execution: four one-day workshops focused on specific topics.  Two events were held in London, and another two in Leeds.  These were facilitated to explore the art of the possible and build recommendations for the Major event. These workshops helped in building rapport between the participants, and provided the means to discuss opportunities and challenges pertinent to the agenda.
  • Major Event Execution: a collaborative event catering for 120 participants that was focused on helping to extract inputs from those attending to help inform the future TECS strategy. A highly interactive and innovative event, this involved the parallel working of interactive group sessions as well as plenary sessions to synthesise emerging findings and thinking.
  • Output Capture & Production: all outputs from both the feed-in workshops as well as the final major workshop were captured. This involved all individual, working group and plenary session outputs structured in a logical format to allow recipients to navigate materials easily.


Annie Thompson (NHS England Technology Enabled Care Services Lead) testament:

“What can I say! The BiG and EY team were superb to work with. They explored with me exactly what I was hoping to achieve and guided the end-to-end process from design through to delivery. They got to grips with our programme quickly and were flexible and able to adapt to last minute changes in approach. They provided an appropriate mix of challenge and support to ensure our approach would lead to the outputs we needed. They provided healthcare expertise and insight which was invaluable in shaping our events and outputs. The team are absolutely committed and frequently went the extra mile to ensure consistently high quality. Faced with the challenge of extremely tight project timelines, they gave me complete confidence from the start that they would work as part of a joint project team to deliver a set of high quality events. They designed a set of energetic, impactful and creative events in which we achieved real alignment and commitment from a diverse stakeholder group. They kept us on track during the events and demonstrated an ability to engage with clinicians and representatives from diverse stakeholder groups. The team’s enthusiasm, focus and positive challenge ensured that our workshops delivered the outputs we wanted, whilst being thought-provoking, inspirational and energizing. The result was a highly-enthused group of over 200 stakeholders and a set of outputs which have directly shaped the next 3-year phase of our programme.”



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