Our Team

Our teams combine robust business experience and know-how with creative and graphical capability to deliver High Impact Collaboration.

We have a global network of some of the best event delivery professionals in the business – over 100 collaboration SMEs who bring relevant skills to our clients depending on the emphasis for the particular project.

This network includes specialists in collaborative working processes and technologies, management consultancy, data analysis and visualisation, graphics and graphical facilitation, web design, video and communications. We will draw on our network of session specialists to manage session preparation, management and work capture. Where required, our creatives will generate concepts for disruptive, thought-provoking experiences.

Joe Binnion

Joe has over 25 years business consulting experience managing major transformation programs and applying leading change thinking to help clients transform their propositions, business models, operating processes and technology.

Joe’s primary focus is on helping organisations pivot from strategy to execution through the design of accelerated programmes of work and shaping key interventions to enable organisational change. His philosophy is based on leveraging internal capabilities (partnering only where necessary), setting the conditions for success, then driving progress through deep and effective collaboration.

Paul Twiney

Paul started his career in strategy and transformation consultancy within the Big 4 and Global SIs before specializing in the design and delivery of collaboration programmes and events 17 years ago.

He is trusted by some of the world’s greatest public and private companies to accelerate and enhance strategic transformation programmes.

Paul has worked across all major industry sectors. However he has particularly deep knowledge of professional services, health and insurance. He is a passionate advocate for collaborative ways of working and sustainable business practices.

The benefits of working with BiG…

Authenticity, independence and challenge

One of BiG’s guiding principles is ”Authenticity in all things”. We challenge discontinuity and “elephants in the room”. Our independence is our most precious asset.

A tailored approach delivering tangible results

For BiG, facilitation is far more than someone at the front of the room. We understand that an experience is not enough – you must ship product and shape just the right amount of structure to progress.

We’ve been there and we know what it’s like!

BiG are experienced change leaders, programme architects and business consultants. We understand the realities of complex organisations and the challenges and barriers to driving successful change because we’ve experienced it at the coal face.

“BiG interventions enable programmes to break down the silos, throw out the politics and remove the limitations of hierarchy. Give people the chance of true collaboration and you can achieve strong, tangible results for the most demanding of change programmes.”


Genius of Liberation

An interview with BiG Directors Joe Binnion and Paul Twiney about liberating organisational change.

Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.