Our Approach

...is what we describe as High Impact Collaboration

Our clients say we deliver months of work in just days.

We bring together large groups, typically anything from 
25 to 200 people, and steer them through an intensive session (typically in the form of an event, hub or expo) which has been designed in response to a clearly articulated scope and set of objectives. Sessions are meticulously planned with key business stakeholders taking part in the design meetings from the outset.

We develop and utilise specially configured environments and a team of event and design delivery experts, who all believe facilitation is much more than just a person at the front of the room. BiG’s proven agile and dynamic methods help to maintain scope, remove barriers and ensure achieving objectives remains in focus.

Our approach combines:

  • Collaborative design
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Systems and Design thinking
  • Innovation, Strategy and Management Models
  • Deep Transformation and Change Experience

Engaging people
 with our approach has created extraordinary impact across the change lifecycle, from Business and Solution Design through to Execution.

Benefits of High Impact Collaboration

Alignment and ownership

Stakeholders explore and understand varied perspectives, allowing them to rapidly align. BiG ensure ownership by designing programmes in which participants are responsible for the design of solutions. If you made it, you own it.

Acceleration, productivity and performance

Work is structured to maximise productivity and group performance. BiG use accelerated learning, parallel processing, iteration and modular design to achieve extraordinary results.

Breakthrough thinking and innovation

People are given the time and inputs to think differently and design breakthrough solutions. BiG help participants learn new ways of thinking and apply solutions from different fields and industries.

Minimising risk

 Through building a broad coalition, risks and barriers to progress are identified across the business. BiG guide participants to build solutions while being cognisant of known risks.



BiG Events

Single transformative sessions to solve complex challenges and create a community of change champions quickly, held over one to a few days.

BiG Hubs

Driving and accelerating productivity and growth through multiple high impact sessions taking place over weeksor months.

BiG Expos

Engaging teams and stakeholders to absorb strategically important information and understand the implications for their own work, held in one or multiple locations.

BiG Vision. BiG Passion.

BiG are passionate about creating a sustainable future

Driving positive environmental and societal impact is a growing theme across boardrooms. Executives will need to balance short term financial performance and longer term survival with opportunities which will allow them to thrive in a reformed marketplace.

The current thinking contends that getting serious about global eco-systems will reduce organisational risk, boost financial performance and result in business longevity.

BiG’s proven approach unlocks potential and accelerates solutions, from from design to adoption, helping organisations bring about real and lasting change.

Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.