BiG Hubs

Driving and accelerating productivity and growth through multiple high impact sessions taking place over weeks or months.

Talk to us about a BiG hub if your organisation needs to accelerate strategically important work programmes, where the work can be broken down into specific packages and where various stakeholder groups need to be engaged at different times.

An hub:

  • can be set up at a  client site or on a remote basis and are typically for 50 to 300 participants, held over a 1 to 6 week period, with clear points of participation for different stakeholder groups
  • is a series of carefully planned collaborative interventions creating a nerve centre for progressing work at pace in an agile working environment
  • is supported in advance and in parallel for the duration of the hub by a team of design and delivery experts using BiG’s proven methodology and relevant solutioning techniques such as prototyping, wire-framing and real-time coding

Objectives can cover:

  • A clear proposition
  • People, process and technology requirements
  • Roadmap and schedule development
  • Governance and ways of working
  • Risk management and business case development

Our hubs can take months out of programmes of work by ensuring everyone is aligned, critical issues are identified and resolved and there are no surprises emerging during the implementation phase.


Hubs establish all the necessary components for successful execution of work programmes while providing significant transfer of collaboration and design skills within the organisation.

Typical Hub Timeline

Think of us when…

Your important programmes of work need to…

  • Mobilise – making sure everyone explores, challenges, iterates and buys into the why, what, how, when of the programme – truly setting the programme up for success
  • Accelerate the engagement or design phase e.g. rapidly design customer journeys, new products, business requirements
  • Get back on track – If a programme is not delivering as it should and needs a course correction quickly


Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.