Covid Conscious Collaboration

Working with leading Medical and Government Workspace safety advisers we have created a ready-to-go Covid conscious collaboration space in central London. You can get your working groups together again.
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As for many organisations, remote working has recently become the way we work. Though this has fast-tracked various innovations and shifts in behaviour, some of which are proving very effective, a common view being shared by our clients is that for certain business critical situations it isn’t sufficient.

For complex strategically important discussions which are particularly technical, profound, combative, and politically sensitive, groups are struggling to make meaningful progress.

For an organisation that specialised facilitating impactful collaboration this comes as no surprise, so we set ourselves a challenge to create a Covid conscious collaboration space where people can come together safely and work productively until they are ready to get back to ‘office normality’.

The resulting approach and workspace design has been signed off by leading Medical and Government Workspace safety advisers (specialists in Covid)

Getting together can seem like a safety nightmare, so let BiG do all the thinking for you, ensuring your team is as safe as possible during super-productive collaboration sessions.

Two Covid Conscious Collaboration options

Supported session 
for peace of mind

  • A member of the BiG team to discuss and refine your set up requirements in advance and assist with any additional needs, e.g. catering
  • A BiG team member on hand during the session to ensure social distancing measures are followed, coordinate cleaning slots around your agenda, and ensure your session runs smoothly, but most importantly, safely.

Supported session with our world
class design and facilitation

  • All of the benefits of the Covid conscious supported session
  • Experienced facilitation teams, able to guide senior groups through complex change and design challenges
  • Using a proven collaboration methodology
  • With tools and techniques to accelerate learning and solution design

    Getting your working groups together again Covid Conscious Collaboration Spaces

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