Creating a sustainable future with high impact collaboration

The evolving role of business

Driving positive environmental and societal impact is increasingly a growing theme across boardrooms. The current thinking contends that getting serious about our global eco-systems will reduce organisational risk, boost financial performance and result in business longevity.

The profound changes that need to be made to organisational roles, strategies and business models is exciting and a little scary at the same time. Executives will need to balance short term financial performance and longer term survival with opportunities which will allow them to thrive in a reformed marketplace.

1 ‘All In – The future of business leadership’,

Accelerating impact

BiG bring a proven way of working which unlocks potential and accelerates change from design to adoption.

Through our event solutions we help organisations solve complex, multi-stakeholder strategic challenges, while creating a community of change champions, in short timeframes.

“We achieved in a couple of days what could easily have taken months.”

CEO, Bio-Tech

How you can work with BiG

Bring your knowledge and experience of:
► client organisations and their markets,
► new business models,
► case studies, ideas and insights
to stimulate new thinking and inspire positive impact.

In combination with BiG’s proven approach, we can implement a holistic design process to assemble large groups (from 20s to 100s) in multi-day workshops, in custom work spaces, led by teams of experts.

“In two days we have made extraordinary progress… we have agreed high impat changes with an implementation plan and a team of change champions.”

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