A different kind of business partner

A mix of management consultancy, design agency and event production company. Through exploration of ideas and perspectives, our sessions encourage rapid alignment and the creation of tangible outcomes that teams have built together and are proud to own.

High Impact Collaboration

Typically, we help to solve complex, frequently systemic challenges which involve lots of people from diverse stakeholder groups. Our solutions include Events, Hubs and Expos, each designed to tackle specific solution and delivery requirements, taking your organisation in a new direction and keeping it on course to get the results you’re looking for.

Think of us

…you need to seriously engage large groups of people in solving critical business challenges, at pace.

What do you want to achieve?

Strategy Development
We need to reshape, develop and roll-out our Regional / Functional / BU strategy in response to, or as part of, a strategic change.

Operating Model Design
We need to redesign our Operating Model, following strategic change and for reasons of efficiency and effectiveness.

Business Partnering and joint Ventures
We need to explore the full potential of a future business partnering relationship identifying synergies and opportunities and agree our ways of working.

Proposition and Service Design
We need to create a new service or proposition, or transform existing services and propositions to grow our business.

Go-to-market and Account Planning
We need to agree the best way to go to market, considering tools, jurisdiction and accounts to deliver growth.

Programme Design
We need to organise ourselves to make a change and design how we will do that.

Solution Design and Prototyping
We need to rapidly define and shape a Solution through agreeing the approach and gathering requirements. We need to rapidly and tangibly develop and test new ideas, to identify ideal solutions and services.

Roll-out and Communications
We need to engage our stakeholders (employees, customers, internal, external, partners) to inform and excite them about the future.

Principles & Benefits

…of High Collaboration Impact

Alignment and ownership

Acceleration, productivity and performance

Breakthrough thinking and innovation


…of working with BiG

Authenticity, independence and challenge

A tailored approach, delivering tangible results

We’ve been

New and better thinking needs to be stimulated.

Right people.
Right space.
Right results.


BiG Events

Single transformative sessions to solve complex challenges and create a community of change champions quickly, held over
one to a few days.

BiG Hubs

Driving and accelerating productivity and growth through multiple high impact sessions taking place over weeks 
or months.

BiG Expos

Engaging teams and stakeholders to absorb strategically important information and understand the implications for their own work,
held in one or multiple

Think of us when…

Your organisation needs to…

  • Build an inspiring, shared vision and strategy for the future and a plan to get you there
  • Design an operating model which will allow you to compete better, which your people are committed to
  • Engage people from across your organisation to translate a strategy into action with a clearly defined programme of work
  • Drive important work and is fed up with the cost and approach you get with ‘typical’ consultancies


Your important programmes of work need to…

  • Mobilise – making sure everyone explores, challenges, iterates and buys into the why, what, how, when of the programme – truly setting the programme up for success
  • Accelerate the engagement or design phase e.g. rapidly design customer journeys, new products, business requirements
  • Get back on track – If a programme is not delivering as it should and needs a course correction quickly


Our clients

We’ve helped some of the world’s best organisations do great things…

“My team have said
this is the best week’s work
they’ve ever done.”

“We achieved
6 months work
in 3 days.”

Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.