A different kind of business partner

A mix of Management Consultancy, Design Agency and Performance Coach delivering breakthrough performance and successful change.

High Impact Collaboration

BiG will take your organisation in a new direction and get you the results you’re looking for. Our solutions include Transformation Events and Accelerated Programme Delivery.

Think of us

…you need to seriously engage large groups of people in solving critical business challenges, at pace.

We need to talk about change

Successful organisations recognise the importance of engagement and collaboration in achieving improved performance and adapting to a world of continuous change.

The characteristics of successful change are:

  • A clear direction and sense of urgency
  • An overtly committed leadership team
  • An engaged and empowered organisation
  • The right capabilities – people, tools and technologies
  • A clear plan and delivery approach
  • Ongoing communication including early wins

BiG help organisations succeed because we apply a different way of working, which drives breakthrough performance alongside true engagement and commitment.



A single high impact intervention to rapidly solve complex, multi-stakeholder challenges and build a team of champions.

Accelerated Programme

Multiple high impact interventions and agile work practices to accelerate programmes of work.

Think of us when…

Your organisation needs to…

  • Build an inspiring, shared vision and strategy for the future and a plan to get you there
  • Design an operating model which will allow you to compete better, which your people are committed to
  • Engage people from across your organisation to translate a strategy into action with a clearly defined programme of work
  • Drive important work and is fed up with the cost and approach you get with ‘typical’ consultancies


Your important programmes of work need to…

  • Mobilise – making sure everyone explores, challenges, iterates and buys into the why, what, how, when of the programme – truly setting the programme up for success
  • Accelerate the engagement or design phase e.g. rapidly design customer journeys, new products, business requirements
  • Get back on track – If a programme is not delivering as it should and needs a course correction quickly


Our impact

We’ve helped some of the world’s best organisations do great things…

Think BiG

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.