Change in a BiG way

We design and build accelerated change programmes for global organisations, driving collaboration to get the best out of their people and chosen business partners.

Genius of Liberation

Interview with BiG directors Joe Binnion and Paul Twiney, about liberating organisational change.

Better ways of working

Contact us about your transformation challenges. We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.

Our Approach

The challenges you face

Every transformation journey is unique but there are common characteristics that need to be overcome. Typical challenges include the need to clarify the vision, understand and evaluate options, align stakeholder groups, gain stakeholder commitment, engage with a broad range of staff and shape the work ahead.

Our solutions have been developed to help our clients overcome these challenges. We typically work with our clients to clarify goals then bring together internal capabilities and those of selected partners through output focused collaborative working, maximising the value of every interaction and building momentum progressively.

Responding to your situation and resources available, we tailor our solutions accordingly:

  • Transformation Events – facilitating and accelerating successful change in short timeframes
  • Collaborative Programme Delivery – improved programme delivery through embedding collaboration in the programme design and facilitating throughout
  • Capability development – embedding better ways of working within your organisation

The truth is that too many change initiatives fail

Numerous studies over several decades consistently show that a lack of engagement, skills, experience, and clarity among others often prove fatal. An IBM study involving more than 1,500 change management executives across 15 countries showed that 59% of projects aimed at achieving business change don’t fully meet their objectives. And Computer Weekly has reported that of 421 IT projects it examined, 75% were late, over budget or under-delivered.

That’s not good enough. And that’s why we work differently.


External Perspective

At home with the models and capabilities of global management consultancies, we specialise in collaborative working, rooting out the specific barriers affecting an organisation and helping to release the genius of groups. We work with leaders in bold, proven ways of working.

Global Businesses

We help the world’s largest companies to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable business solutions across industries as diverse as Government, Aerospace & Defence, Healthcare, Media, Communications and Financial Services.


Our directors each have more than 20 years business consulting experience at CXO level. We have worked with industry leaders around the world, including the majority of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies. We have proven expertise leading collaborative programmes of work and designing and facilitating transformation events.



A rigorous intervention using collaborative working environments.

Collaborative Programme

The establishment of better ways of working on major programmes.


A design and delivery programme to embed new ways of working.

Change in a BiG way

Contact us about your transformation challenges.
We are always happy to talk through your situation and bring some BiG thinking to it.